Card Association Payment Experts (CAPE)

CAPE's staff has a unique understanding and deep knowledge of payment costs for both receiving and disbursing payments. We have developed proprietary models that analyze the costs of processing both incoming payments from your customers as well as disbursements made to your customers and vendors.

CAPE improves your operations and customer satisfaction while lowering costs for both you and your customers. We accomplish these objectives by streamlining and improving your internal accounts payable operations.

We also have the knowledge and tools required to insure our clients receive the best service quality at the lowest attainable pricing from their third-party payment processor.

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Disbursement Outsourcing

CAPE replaces disbursements you make via check with less costly, more efficient, digital disbursement options. We significantly reduce your internal accounting costs while improving your operations and your customer and vendor experiences.

Customers and vendors choose how they want to receive their funds:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Virtual Visa Prepaid Debit Card
  • Plastic  Visa Prepaid Debit Card
  • Visa Direct instant payment to existing Debit Card
  • Paper Checks

We outsource disbursements for you painlessly. Your conversion from in-house check payments to outsourced digital disbursements is done with no disruption to you or your customers.

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Payment Processing Cost Reduction Strategies


Our clients outsource their payment processing to third parties. Third party payment processors often assess convenience fees to your customers when they pay you. CAPE fully analyzes and calculates the costs incurred by your payment processor and assesses the fairness of fees you or your customers are currently paying. If output from our proprietary payment cost models indicates you or your customers are paying too much, we renegotiate fees on your behalf with your current vendor, without the need to issue an RFP.


Our clients are not in the payment processing business. We are, and we understand how to best structure and write payment processing RFP’s to yield the very best payment quality at the lowest possible prices for you or your customers. We also help evaluate responses to your RFP and negotiate by your side to obtain the best possible combination of excellent service quality and the lowest attainable prices. Hire Cape’s payment experts to maximize your next RFP process before you initiate it.

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