Assuring the best convenience fees for your customers

Step 1: Data Gathering and Discovery

CAPE gathers detailed payment transaction data and determines the existing cost of every card accepted using MAPS*. 

Step 2: Analysis and Recommendations

CAPE compares your total payment processing costs to the convenience fees collected by your payment processor. We then calculate their profit in addition to their costs

Step 3: Implement Cost Reduction Initiatives

CAPE and client agree on fair/equitable convenience profit on top of vendor costs. Those numbers drive the appropriate customer fees. CAPE negotiates directly with vendor on behalf of client.

*CAPE’s proprietary Modeling and Pricing Systems (MAPS).

Engage CAPE to reduce customer payment fees

CAPE agrees to perform our customer payment fee consulting work under mutually agreeable Statements of Work with each client. Our clients receive SOW cost estimates before each project begins, and we keep our clients well-informed of their expenses throughout each project. We provide detailed statements of work (SOW) for each, specific, engagement. All SOW’s are part of a master services agreement executed between CAPE and our clients.

RFP’s are not required to negotiate lower fees

Why wait for your next RFP to renegotiate lower convenience fees with your payment processor? CAPE uses current card cost information to calculate your specific costs using our models. That knowledge is used to negotiate lower convenience fees for your customers within months of engaging us. We renegotiate fees (under your supervision) with your vendor quickly.


RFP Consulting Services

CAPE knows how to structure, write and evaluate payment RFP’s and their responses, enabling clients to receive the best possible results. We help you establish specific pricing parameters and ground rules within the RFP. By including defined pricing parameters, and by requiring best practice processing capabilities, our clients greatly improve the quality, and reduce the quantity, of RFP responses received.

Next Steps...

How do I engage CAPE to help lower my payment costs asap?

Call us at 904-312-3303 or email us at We will discuss the data CAPE needs to accurately calculate the costs of processing all of your payments. After you review our specific cost reduction recommendations, you can opt to lower your costs using your own resources, or you can engage CAPE to implement the changes required to lower your billing and payment costs.

Please contact us today to learn exactly how CAPE can help you.