Faster, more user-friendly and less expensive payment options for businesses/governments are proliferating.

Many lower cost, same day funding options for B2C and B2B payments are available today.

  • Instant push payments to existing check debit cards
  • Digital Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Physical Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Same-day ACH 

New digital payment options continue to emerge. The business check is on the verge of extinction. Paper check issuance is expensive. Checks are difficult and costly for many payees to transact. Payees prefer every other payment option over checks. Disbursement preference, providing payees the ability to select their preferred payment option, is becoming commonplace.

Responding to customer demand for more and better disbursement options is an easily-made decision. Digital payment options are much less expensive than issuing checks. Businesses and governments therefore save money and increase customer satisfaction simultaneously. Embrace the winning combination of happier customers and lower internal costs. CAPE delivers the latest payment options at the lowest prices.

Improved customer satisfaction, lower payable costs

Many organizations continue to issue large volumes of checks to their customers for security deposit refunds, energy efficiency rebates and rewards, and for customer incentive programs. Checks are dying, they are expensive, and they are difficult to transact. Payees prefer digital payments to check payments. Save hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year and improve customer service at the same time.

JD Power survey results have proven that the more payment options offered to customers, the higher their level of satisfaction. Offering your customers their choice of multiple, popular disbursement options yields the same positive customer satisfaction outcome. CAPE provides multiple disbursement options to your customers, giving them the power of choice, while you eliminate the costs of issuing checks. CAPE makes these changes simple and easy for your utility.

CAPE provides full outsourcing options for rebate and incentive processing

Many utilities offer energy efficiency rebate/reward programs to customers. CAPE consults with utilities to outsource the entire reward/rebate/incentive fulfillment process to a third party. Refund and rebate recipients are provided with enhanced disbursement options – no more checks.

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